Ardor— Broadening your Horizons

We are ARDOR— the new generation athletic wear inventor. From Reston Virginia, we work tirelessly to design comfortable wears that are supportive and aesthetically pleasing. Delightedly, we go fabric hunting, handpicking top quality fabrics that meet the demands of your favourite sports— whether it be running, soccer or yoga.

Igniting the Fire

Ardor kick-started in 2021 with the zeal to be on all sports grounds, hall floors and wherever the passion for sports is burning. We are building a colorful sporting community that sticks together, win together and fail together. Ardor is the face of team work, grit and determination. In winning and defeat, we are right beside you, cheering you on, while preparing you for the next task (s) ahead.

Tailored for every Season

Every time you think that no-one understands your dreams, aspirations and the price for achieving them, Ardor does. We understand your body’s different response to sporting activities during the seasons— summer, winter, autumn and spring. So, we craft each sport outfit with love, care and the capacity to sustain you through each unique season, for maximum output.

Directly from our Hearts

We love fitness and athletics, which means that we are not oblivious of the energy that goes into staying fit or winning the games. We are that lover that is constantly thinking of new methods to help you achieve your body and medal goals. Whenever you wear Ardor, you are wearing the hearts of individuals who have transformed their passion for athletics into fashioning sport wears, track-suits and yoga pants that improve your overall physical performance and promote your health

What We Do

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce high quality sports and casual wears that match your class and style. We care about you— regardless of your age, class or creed— having the best sporting outfits at affordable prices. We want you to show up with sophistication and participate in sporting activities across board. Go win that medal in style!

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the best and most sought-after sportswear manufacturer. That is why we create elegant yet comfortable designs to give you the push you need to emerge victorious. Daily, we are advancing, seeking better ways to prove to you that we are with you in your athletic journey. This continuous advancement puts us ahead in the sportswear production industry, and is the reason why we want you to trust Ardor with your sports clothing needs.

Get In Touch

We are always looking for dedicated, talented people to join the Ardor family! If you have a sunny attitude, a great work ethic, and a passion for fitness, you’ll fit right in.

If you want to join us in spreading the fitness message, send your resumé to


201 N. Union St. Suite 110 Alexandria VA 22314



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